A Laravel Artisan command to automatically generate controllers and tests

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  • Created: May 3, 2019
  • Last Release: Sep 11, 2019
  • Last Commit: Sep 11, 2019

Controllers Generator

A Laravel Artisan command to automatically generate controllers.


  • PHP 5.6+
  • Laravel 5.4+


Use Composer to install it:

composer require filippo-toso/controllers-generator

How does it work?

This generator is very simple. It builds a simple controller with CRUD capabilities (plus list) from a specified model.

By default the generator doesn't overwrite existing controllers.


You can publish the configuration file with the following command:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=config --provider="FilippoToso\ControllersGenerator\ServiceProvider"

The config/controller-generator.php file allows you to:

  • specify if flash messages should be added (requires laracasts/flash to work)
  • specify the path format of the generated views
  • specify the route format of the routes
  • specify the url format of the routes

Just open the file and read the comments :)


The predefined use from command line is:

php artisan generate:controller {contoller} {model}

This command creates a {controller} with CRUD capabilities for the specified {model}.

If there is an existing controller in the App\Http\Controllers namespace it will not overwritten.

You can modify the default behavior using the following parameters:

php artisan generate:controller {contoller} {model} --overwrite 

With the overwrite option the generator will always overwrite the controller in the App\Http\Controllers namespace.

Other options include:

  • --test : When set the generator creates also a test suite for the controller.
  • --protected : When set the generator adds code to protect the routes from users without the required permissions.
  • --owned : When both this option and --protected are set, the generator ads checks for ownership before updating and deleting resources.
  • --routes : When set the generator will add the required routes to the routes/web.php file.
  • --base-controller= : Specify the base controller that the generated controller will extend on.